Enter your own parameters or go to the tab "Axle pressure sets"
Scheme of vehicle dimension markings for the Pressures application
a cmF1 [t]
b cmF2 [t]
c cmF3 [t]
d cmType
e cmName
Move loads by 10cm
Position Distance from the wall of the trailer
1 cmcmt%
2 cmcmt %
3 cmcmt %
4 cmcmt %
5 cmcmt %

Enter the individual data (a, b, c, d, e, F1, F2, F3) of the vehicle and the parameters of the load (LOAD). The axle loads of the selected truck-trailer combination will be determined.

You can add several loads. The first parameter is the distance of the load from the front wall of the trailer, the second parameter is the length of the load, the third is the weight, and the fourth parameter determines the percentage of the center of gravity of the element

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