WidthAmmWymiary opony
Tyre profileB%
Rim diameterC''

Designation 155/50R13

Tyre width - this is the distance in millimetres between the sidewalls, in this example 155 mm.

Tyre profile - this is the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of the height of the tyre to its width, 155/50 is 50% of 155, which means a tyre height of 77.5mm

The letter R or D indicates the type of tyre: R for Radial or D for Diagonal.

The rim size - indicates the diameter of the rim in inches, in the example 13 inches (1 inch is 2,54 cm).

From these data we will calculate the radius:


The radius of the rim is half the diameter i.e. 6.5 inches i.e. 6.5*2.54cm equal to 16.51cm

Tyre height is 50% of 15.5cm i.e. 7.75cm

This gives a wheel radius as the sum of the above values equal to 24.26cm when rounded to 243mm.

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