Wheel diameter [R1]cm
Ramp Ramp length
Wheel diameter [R2]cm
High Trailer high
Front part [X]cmApproach angle°
Rear part [Y]cmScheme of vehicle dimension markings for the Rampa application
Axle distance [L]cm
Front suspension [H1]cm
Middle suspension [H2]cm
Rear suspension [H3]cm

During loading (entering on the semi-trailer), a large part of vehicles such as forklifts, lifts and various types of vehicles have a problem of entry on the trailer by ramps. Some vehicles, when We are trying to load Them on the trailer hang by some part of the chassis, which prevents entry.

Please enter the individual data (R1, R2, X, Y, L, H1, H2, H3, length of ramp, height of the semi-trailer). You can obtain information whether a given vehicle is able to enter on the semi-trailer. The program will show You the place where the vehicle gets stuck.

You have aslo the option of using the vehicle database (buses, trucks, vans, forklifts, lifts). Just select the vehicle model that interest You, the program will show You whether the vehicle will enter on the trailer by ramps or not. It will also show You the minimum chassis distances when vehicle entering the semi-trailer

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